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Soooo, this isn't probably much of a shock, but I think Id do the right thing to share this with some of my followers... .

After a lot of thinking, I decided to stop with my photography study. It's been enough, and I think it's the right thing to do.

At this moment I am studying for almost 7 years on a study that should take 4 years... . By the law I am allowed to take more time on my studies as I have several (illness) indications... But I think everyone can imagine the feeling of failure if you still don't have anything achieved in 7 years while others do it in 4... .

The study isn't hard and is more close to being easy really... My teachers have often questioned me why I don't simply start for myself already as they think I do well enough... That is when I am at school...
And there is the problem... when I am at school... .

Most people know (or dont so in that case, prepare for a shock...) I have several problems... I've been diagnosed with Manic Depression and Borderline. (Tadaaaa!~)
This means in my case I am really looking for a good enviroment and I like to know what people expect from me. No chaos, order. (This sound a bit Templarish heh? FILTHY BORDERLINERS!!)
Anyway, My school is about the exact opposite of this. It costs me a LOT of effort to go to school and just sit there and wait 'till I can go home. (As really, I don't learn much new stuff.)
Even then, Im still totally broken and dead when I get home. I want to crawl in my bed and stop the time. Whiiiich I still can not, working on that.
Anyhow, I am allowed to work about 20 hours a week and my school really doesn't care about it. They don't even want to talk about it, there is no option.

And really, I can understand people find it hard to believe something is wrong with me as no one can see something about me. I ain't sitting in a wheelchair and I don't have any broken arms... My brains are in a wheelchair.. they function well, but with their own difficulties... . But as no one can see that, no one cares.

It's 7 years later now, and I think it's ok. It feels like trying so hard for something I will never achieve in the end. Maybe I try something else to get at least a bit of appreciation in the end. But for what I'm doing now, It's been well and good.

I'm not stupid, nor I am dumb, I can make good photo's which I will continue doing, but not for school. As this delivers me 500 Euro loan a month and that's just too much.

And for everyone who thinks I am looking for attention for being 'oh so emo', screw yourselves and you know where to find the delete/unwatch button. I know the real deal and that's fine for me.


  • Mood: Tired
  • Playing: AC BF
  • Eating: Rice with Milk (thats really good!)
  • Drinking: Cola


Maryonne Vlasblom
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Name: Maryonne Vlasblom
Nickname: Cinestry Rozar
Age: 23
City Born: Ede
Current Residence: Ede.
Work: Scare Actor, photographer.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, punk-rock, techno, instrumental (Soundtracks of movies and such).

Favorite kind of photography: Portraits/Studio
Favourite photographer: Sandra Nagler-Dahl, Erwin Olaf
Operating System: Windows 8
Editting: Photoshop CC
Camera: Nikon D80
Lenses: Sigma 18-200,
Favorite studioset: Elinchrome

Favourite cartoon character: Liru the Werewolf
Cosplays so far: Courtesan (ACBrotherhood), Alex Mercer (Prototype), Corsair (ACRevelations), Kuo (Infamous2), Original Japanese Dress, Maverick (AC3), Anne Bonny (ACBF), James Kenway/Mary Read (ACBF), The Dandy (ACBF), Safiya Bennu (AC OC)
Started Cosplaying: June 2011.
Level: Hobbyist
Planning: Beatrice Hell Version (Dante's Inferno), Ponyo's Mother (Ponyo), Skullkid (LOZ, Orcarina of time), Tsunade (Naruto), Pyramid Head, Haytham Kenway (AC3), Malon (LOZ), Jack Sparrow (POTC), Venelope von Schweetz -Princessdress- (Wreck-it-Ralph), Julien du Casse (ACBF)

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Hi and thanks so much for joining :iconeagle-vision:! If you have any questions, please ask! We hope you enjoy your stay :heart:
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Haha well I saw all your posts on the Abstergo industries, and I couldnt agree with you more... then saw you had an own group... I just HAD to join ;)
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Haha wow that means a lot to me! Thank you :) I still can't believe how selfish Dee's being in closing down the group.
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Oh please, stop do it, pervert :iconohhmyplz:
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Whahaha please do explain how faving that pic is perverted? :P
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Hahaha Okay xD
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now its my turn to poke you :poke: !
How are you Missy? not heard from you in a 
wee while. Hope all's okay
 KFC Chicken Epic Dance 
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he made me laugh)
MaryMODIFIED Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Haa, sorry, Yeah sorry sorry... T_T

I am alive, but tbh I am not doing all that great... a lot of things on my mind ._. and busy with things to fix with my lawyer (I have to go to court for something in 3 weeks... nothing major though, it just stresses me up... and it makes me feel like Im a criminal ._.)

Hahaha okay tbh I didnt saw at first it was chicken, but I bursted out with laughter as I ate chicken this evening and now Im seeing this... totally had to make one myself :P

Anyway, sorry about replying and being silent.

How are you doing dear??
jodeee Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with it
I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I hope it's nothing too serious.

I know, he was too silly to not add to the message. 

Don't worry about it. I was just returning the favour, I hadn't heard from you in a 
while so I thought I'd check in.

I'm very well thank you :) all's going good.
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