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Hello there ladies and gent's!

Nearly a year has passed since my last journal, aaaand a lot has happened.

The main reason that I've not been writing much is because I've been busy, and then I mean; BUSY.

Long Story; Short.
I Stopped with school, started working at a petting-zoo, I'm still photographing as a hobby, became a auntie for the second time of a beeeaautiful baby boy, adopted two suuuuuupercute hamsters and right now I'm basically waiting for Halloween to come my way. 


Now in first place I do NOT encourage quitting school, and if there isn't a decent reason for you to quit, you should never, ever, even consider it. I kind of 'had' to stop. I still photograph as a hobbyist and I like it this way for now. I'm not exactly planning on a new study for the moment. I have found an amazing job at a petting-zoo, which is amazing for an animal-lover like me.

I've been raised with all sorts of animals around me, ever since I moved out, I haven't had many animals around me. I've always wanted animals around me again, so I decided to apply to a petting-zoo. Strangely enough, even though I had no experience at all in the business, they really wanted me, and now, 3 to 4 months later I work there with a lot of joy. Yes, it mainly is feeding the goats, cuddling cows and clean the rabbits, but I love it.

Hobbyist Photographer.
I also still like to work as a photographer, as told before, I haven't finished my studies... This is why I went on with this pure as a hobby. I even find it more enjoyable, now I can do my own thing...which is great.

Baby Boy!~
YES!!~ On the 28th of May my sister in law had her second baby boy!! :eager:
The boy was born 6 weeks too early, but though small, he was healthy and could go home in mere days.

His older brother is very kind and sweet to him. Cuddling him and singing him to sleep, it's the cutest thing ever. 

Last few times I went there, he ran to me wrapping his tiny arms around my legs. (As he isn't much taller than that...) I can truely say I love these kids, and I am their funny, strange auntie. :woohoo:

Yippeeh!~ Halloween is comming. It's my favorite holiday, as me as a cosplayer can finally walk around without all the strange looks. (Just kidding.)


On Saturday the 11th of October I'm at First Look in Utrecht. I don't know if I will cosplay, maybe I will, maybe I won't. I just don't know yet.
The weekend after I will try to go to FACTS, but this isn't 100% sure yet. 


P.s. The Grumpy Mood is because of something that happened yesterday, nothing major. 
  • Mood: Grumpy
  • Listening to: Everything is Awesome!~
  • Playing: Roller Coaster Tycoon
  • Eating: Spaghetti & Cheese
  • Drinking: Iced Tea


Maryonne Vlasblom
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Name: Maryonne Vlasblom
Nickname: Cinestry Rozar
Age: 23
City Born: Ede
Current Residence: Ede.
Work: Scare Actor, photographer.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, punk-rock, techno, instrumental (Soundtracks of movies and such).

Favorite kind of photography: Portraits/Studio
Favourite photographer: Sandra Nagler-Dahl, Erwin Olaf
Operating System: Windows 8
Editting: Photoshop CC
Camera: Nikon D80
Lenses: Sigma 18-200,
Favorite studioset: Elinchrome

Favourite cartoon character: Liru the Werewolf
Cosplays so far: Courtesan (ACBrotherhood), Alex Mercer (Prototype), Corsair (ACRevelations), Kuo (Infamous2), Original Japanese Dress, Maverick (AC3), Anne Bonny (ACBF), James Kenway/Mary Read (ACBF), The Dandy (ACBF), Safiya Bennu (AC OC)
Started Cosplaying: June 2011.
Level: Hobbyist
Planning: Beatrice Hell Version (Dante's Inferno), Ponyo's Mother (Ponyo), Skullkid (LOZ, Orcarina of time), Tsunade (Naruto), Pyramid Head, Haytham Kenway (AC3), Malon (LOZ), Jack Sparrow (POTC), Venelope von Schweetz -Princessdress- (Wreck-it-Ralph), Julien du Casse (ACBF)

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 KFC Chicken Epic Dance 
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he made me laugh)
MaryMODIFIED Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Haa, sorry, Yeah sorry sorry... T_T

I am alive, but tbh I am not doing all that great... a lot of things on my mind ._. and busy with things to fix with my lawyer (I have to go to court for something in 3 weeks... nothing major though, it just stresses me up... and it makes me feel like Im a criminal ._.)

Hahaha okay tbh I didnt saw at first it was chicken, but I bursted out with laughter as I ate chicken this evening and now Im seeing this... totally had to make one myself :P

Anyway, sorry about replying and being silent.

How are you doing dear??
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aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with it
I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I hope it's nothing too serious.

I know, he was too silly to not add to the message. 

Don't worry about it. I was just returning the favour, I hadn't heard from you in a 
while so I thought I'd check in.

I'm very well thank you :) all's going good.
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